The Crocodile Park in Davao

This is the largest crocodile here named “Pangil”.

Crocodile Park is one of the major tourist destination in Davao especially for the animal lovers. It is located near the Gap Farm (which I also featured in one of my posts), in Diversion Road, Ma-a. The place is very similar to an ordinary park but with the different kinds of animals around. When we entered the park, we were greeted by the amazing flying creatures, like the Philippine Parrot. Yes, you read it right, the Crocodile Park has other animals too, like birds, snakes, Tigers, Ostrich, and many more.

This is me holding my son, Hans pointing at the Parrot.

Not only that the birds are very colorful and nice to look at but they are also pretty talented. Everyday the talented birds will be featured in a show to showcase their skills, introduced their abilities and impressed the people. A big yellow Python too is available for you to carry it on your shoulder and take a photo.

You can also volunteer to feed the Bengal Tigers. Roar!!!

After getting tired of walking around the park, you shouldn’t miss to taste their crocodile flavored ice-cream. Yes, its verrrry mouth-watering!

From my childhood to my “child’s hood”…

Davao City, Philippines has a lot of educational spots that teachers and students from many different schools and institutions enjoy to visit every year for their educational field trip. One of the most visited sites is the Gap Farm and Resort located in Ma-a, Diversion Road. In my primary school years, we used to visit this “huge garden” annually because they feature many different kinds of flowers, herbal plants, trees, and even fruits, labeled with its local name, foreign names and Scientific names as well. This place has really marked on my childhood deeply.

An overlooking view from the entrance.

Now that I have my own kids, I took them to this place yesterday and gladly introduced to them what this place is for. Excitedly, they toured the whole area and asked to me so many questions. They were not very much interested with the greenery things around so we took them to the narrow “Japanese Cave” with a one-eyed giant inside. After, we went to the area where there are statues of weird and traditional creatures like White Lady, Angel of Death, and the like, which is very creepy though…for them. 

Furthermore, another highlight of the said place is their swimming pool for adults and also for the little kids.

Finally, on the way to the exit, we passed by a line of statue of wild and tamed animals, which the kids enjoyed very much.

Hence, the place is really ideal for relaxing and having fun at the same time. The kids enjoyed very much this trip together with our close family friend and their kids. At least, In the coming days, when their school organized a trip here, they already knew the place and for sure would share to their classmates about what they learned.

Happy Birthday to me!

My 26th birthday was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

First of all, we started it by swimming into the beautiful beach in Samal Island wherein we stayed overnight at the Villa Amparo Beach Resort. The condo-type cabin we stayed in was fully-furnished and has all the things we need.

Then, on the day of my birthday, we had dinner at the Vikings Luxury Buffet. It was my first time there so I really was excited and all. It was my birthday so I don’t have to pay for anything because they have this Birthday Promo. All types of cuisines are there from the types of appetizers, pasta, pizza,  sea foods, Japanese cuisines, meats, grilled vegetables, Filipino cuisines, Chinese and Korean cuisines, all types of desserts, and finally the drinks.

But what’s the highlight of the night was their singing cooks and waiters would come to every table with the birthday celebrant and would sing happy birthday song while dancing.

In the end, what makes my birthday soo specal was that I got to spend it with my family. They are the best gift God has given to me.

Our Valentine’s Day Escapade

Hagimit Falls, Island Garden City of Samal

Last February 16, 2015, me and my husband together with my best friend and her husband too spent a special bonding time together in such a wonderful natural water fall located in Samal Island, just a five to ten minute boat ride from Davao City. We had a great time together esp. that we did not bring kids with us. I mean, we always appreciate bringing the kids in all of our out-of-town trips but this time, we decided to visit the place without them just because we wanted it to be as special and romantic as it is. lol

(from left to right) My hubby, me, our friend Jessie, and my bestfriend Febie.

The water was clear and cold. Perfect to go esp. in summer. They have a variety of cottages to choose from and also cabins if you want to stay overnight, but in our case we did not as we have to go home before the dark bites.

Hagimit Waterfall 1

There’s a lot of small waterfalls in Hagimit and maybe like four to five natural pools to swim by. The water came from the mountains and the place is still surrounded by a virgin forest.

It was such an amazing experience! One of the best natural spots in Samal Island.

First Time in the Cinema



Last Saturday, my brother texted me. He said in the message that would like to bring the kids to the cinema on Sunday. My initial reaction was, of course, excited! My brother also wanted me to go with them as he is not used to taking care of little kids. He’s still single and enjoying life as a bachelor. Alright, as I was saying, I was at first excited but what let me hang on the rope is that the fact that it will be their first time to watch a movie “in the cinema” and as a mother, I would love their “first’s” to be with us (hubby and me). But then, my brother was really persistent about bringing them with him, so, I replied yes. I wasn’t able to go with them because I have a job, even on Sunday. I can take a leave but its not too nice to make a short notice.

When my brother send the kids back home, he told me what happened. And it was like the funniest joke for me! 😀 He said, when they are about to enter the cinema, my youngest, who is 3 years old, said in loud voice, “Whoa! What a huge TV!” My two other kids parroted him and everyone who’ve heard laughed. I don’t know if I should feel embarrassed but the feeling of glee poured over. Then, when they sat down, the lights suddenly turned off which indicates that the movie is about to start, and my youngest son was surprised again saying, “Is it brown-out(power-outage)?”, again, my brother laughed silently and my two other kids giggled much. In the middle of the movie, my youngest son drifted off to sleep and snored. haha! Finally, when the movie is about to end, he woke up and asked his uncle to accompany him to pee…

Well, I guess, their first movie date together wasn’t that bad at all! They had a great time and they even told me what the movie was about. Oh…kids! I just love them soo much…

From failure to blessing


I was 19 when I got pregnant to my eldest son. I remember marching on the stage in front of the proud crowd with a four months baby bump under the black robe that we call toga. I even thought that I was so lucky my toga was bigger than my size (as it is, normally) that my bump wasn’t too vulgar. It was my graduation day in college. I should be feeling proud at that moment. But what I felt was sorrow and guilt. Being the only girl in the family and the eldest among siblings, everyone in the clan expected too much from me. It was on my 20th week pregnancy when my family, relatives, and some of my friends knew about my situation. Different reactions, judgments, negative statements, and all kinds of criticisms tossed in front of me. It caused me too much emotional stress which resulted to acute asthma attack. I was then confined at the private hospital which I was very thankful that they did took good care of me and baby very well.  With all of the struggles I met along my pregnancy journey, Praise to Him, the baby was born healthy and bouncing! The moment I become a mother, my perception in life changed. Even the range of my interests became different and mature. I became a better and complete person. I feel worthy and rewarding in everything I do. That time, I was really intense about building my own whole family, as it was never considered to me in my childhood. Right now that I have a family which I can call “whole”, I will always look up to this experience as an inspiration. So that whenever I would feel tired and confused with the trials I will be facing in the future, I can always look back, smile, and say, “I made it through, what’s the reason of letting go?”


Teaching English Online

1 Around 2008 to 2009 there had been a lot of online language learning sites that were competing for prospect students whom they would hopefully sign up and enroll at their school as their regular online students. Today, if you typed in Online English Schoolor Online English T utor or Online Teaching Jobs in the Google search tab, you would be bewildered by the numerous results of different names of online schools which are presently catering the needs of people to learn the English language. That is probably because the number of students (especially coming from Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.) are rising up as the demand for English speaking professionals in the business world is greatly incomparable. And in view of the fact that  there are a lot of students wanting to learn the said universal language, wide opportunities welcome many job-seekers to share their knowledge and skills in teaching the correct way of using the English language in different levels and in different English skills. As a matter of fact, here in my hometown (Davao City), presently there are a lot of online schools which gives opportunities to college students, fresh graduates, and even plain housewives make income without any pressure.  For most online schools, Full time and Part time positions are available and the good thing about this kind of job is that the applicant can choose their own preferred schedule at their most convenient time. There are even online schools that allows teachers or tutors to work from the comfort of their own home. However, if one has their own internet connection (preferably wired)  at home and prefers to teach online without getting attached to any online schools or company, they’ll be able to do so as long as they can provide the materials (PDFs, e-books) needed for each type of lesson they can teach.